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Planning a DIY Electrical Project?

You're in for a shock in Frederick & Hagerstown, MD

You're thinking about making some minor electrical changes in your workplace and wondering whether you might be able to do them yourself. When it comes to electrical work, no matter how many tutorials you watch online, it's best to leave the job to a licensed electrician. Peekskill Electric, LLC in Frederick or Hagerstown, MD can address the electrical problems at your home or business safely and efficiently.

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3 ways we can improve your space with our troubleshooting services

We have the skills and experience to make changes and repairs to the electrical components at your home or business. Work with us to:

  1. Maintain your portable generator to prepare for a power outage
  2. Change the light fixtures in your home or office
  3. Install motion sensors to secure your home or workplace

Work with Peekskill Electric to get your electrical components fully operational. We service Frederick, Hagerstown, and the surrounding MD areas.