Ready to Power Up?

Ready to Power Up?

Upgrade your electrical service in Frederick & Hagerstown, MD

The electrical system in your home wasn't built to handle the amount of power you use now. Big screen televisions, computers, energy-intensive appliances and a plethora of small electronic devices have the potential to overload your system. Peekskill Electric, LLC can upgrade your electrical system to make sure your home has the capacity to support your energy use. We'll replace the old one with a new, more robust and efficient system that will serve your electrical needs going forward.

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3 signs you should upgrade your electrical system

Do you think your electrical service may need an upgrade? Here are a few signs to look out for:

  1. There are not enough electrical outlets in your home
  2. Your lights flicker when you operate other appliances
  3. Your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis

Consult with Peekskill Electric, LLC today about upgrading your electrical service. We service Frederick, Hagerstown, and the surrounding MD areas.